16 August 2022

2 requests for Clifton WI members

A night at the Ballet

Are any of you interested in joining a group of us heading to the Hippodrome in November to see the ballet production from English National Ballet called Raymonda?  It has had amazing reviews.

Please just let us know by emailing thecliftonwi@gmail.com asap and we can include you

Tell us about yourself

Also we know we have an interesting group of members at Clifton.  

If any of you might be persuaded to give a talk at a future meeting please do get in touch as we would love to hear from you.  Use the usual thecliftonwi@gmail.com address. We wondered if anyone has lived and worked overseas, had an unusual job or generally a good story to tell? 

Those of us who have the chance to get to know one another better at our subgroup events really enjoy this aspect of Clifton WI membership.

You don't have to prepare the dreaded "next slide please" type of presentation if that is not for you!  Let's chat about what might work best for you