Additions to our gallery

If you have any images from previous Clifton WI activities and events you are happy to share please send us an email or shared folder link to

Here are some already shared....

From time to time we get together to visit somewhere we think will be interesting such as our visit to Goldney Hall.
It can be a good way to get to know a smaller group of Clifton WI members.

We had an interesting if slightly unnerving visit to Arnos Vale Burial Ground (not cemetery) learning about some of the dubious goings on in previous centuries whilst exploring the parts of the site which have been relieved of their brambles and vegetation. Charlotte was our excellent guide and a cuppa was enjoyed in the Autumn sunshine afterwards.

As part of our planned excursions in 2023 a group of us went to see what the immersive experience Wake the Tiger was all about and the obligatory refreshments afterwards!

Possibly our specialist subject! We enjoy a number of sub groups focussed on the lovely eating out opportunities in the Clifton area.  

Recently we went to South Africa care of Jozis on Worrall Road and had a great lunch.

We had a go at Eastern Dancing in late 2021 at one  meeting.  It was fun and kept us fit.  

Veils and (virtual) pot carrying was involved

Looking after ourselves and a bit of pampering never goes amiss at our meetings. Learning facial and hand massage techniques March 2022

Making a Christmas wreath with Maddie in November 2022

Puzzling away at our Christmas party in December 2022 (with cake!)