24 June 2018

The international theme continues at Clifton WI

Last month (May) we were sashaying around the hall to latin beats and rhythms for our introduction to Salsa.  It was fun but certainly some of us were 'out of puff' at the end.

This month (June) we will be learning about Japanese kites from Paul Chapman.

Bamboo Woodblocks and Washi

Paul Chapman, a member of the Koryu-dako traditional kite group of Nagoya, has travelled extensively in Japan to discover and experience the fascinating culture of the Japanese kite. He will talk about his experiences with a particular focus on the traditional kitemaking processes that involve the essential elements of bamboo and washi

He will bring a number of rare examples to show and discuss, most of which date back to the Edo and Meiji periods. These will include a kite-making woodblock and the preparatory drawings used in the making of blocks which were then used to print the traditional Kabuki Theatre images onto the washi and which are often seen in the fine ukiyo-e images of the Floating World.