9 September 2017

Your WI needs you!

Keeping a fresh approach is important to us at Clifton WI and we actively seek at least a couple of new committee members each year. Committee meetings are relaxed social occasions hosted once a month by a volunteer committee member (but nobody is expected to host and there's no pressure at all if it doesn't suit a member for any reason).

As a committee member you have the opportunity to help shape Clifton WI and make it what you want it to be. None of the duties are onerous, and helping to make the monthly meetings run  smoothly gives a heightened sense of involvement and belonging - not to mention more contact with all the members.

We are looking to form a small subgroup to help us celebrate in style for our 10th anniversary in August 2018.  Please talk to any of the committee for further information or send us an email thecliftonwi@gmail.com