24 October 2016

Meeting this week

Do you drink wine? If so, are you QUITE sure you have enough wine glasses to take you through the festive season?

No? Well your luck is in because we have a surplus of wine glasses to dispose of so at Wednesday's meeting you can buy a box of four John Lewis Basic wine glasses for just £2.

Also, don't forget that Christmas party tickets will be available so please bring £15 cash or cheque (payable to Clifton WI).

Lastly, Lorna will be collecting donations to make up hospital/prison packs for the One25 project, so please think about what a difference you can make to women who are trying to get off the streets in Bristol. The following items are needed to make up each pack:

Items for hospital and prison packs

(new items only in sizes 6-16, individual items or made-up packs)

Prison pack: pyjamas, two tops and leggings, a pack of 1st class stamps, 3x knickers, 2 pairs of socks
Hospital pack: pyjamas, two tops and leggings, slippers and a wellbeing item i.e. wordsearch puzzle, colouring book and pens etc.