11 July 2016

Clifton WI monthly e-newsletter

The monthly e-newsletter is emailed to all current members, last year's members and visitors from this year and last year. We've had a number bounce back from the last mailing though, so if you think you should have received a newsletter but can't remember seeing it, please update your email address in an email to thecliftonwi@gmail.com

The newsletter is normally sent out the weekend before each meeting of Clifton WI and even if you're just looking at this website and haven't yet visited us, we'd be very glad to send you a copy so just let us have your contact details and we'll put you on the mailing list and hope that one day you'll come to one of our meetings!

No email addresses are ever passed on to anybody, and it's pretty rare that we'd send you more than the one email a month with the newsletter attached.