26 March 2016

Clifton WI group outing - NEW

Tuesday 24 May - Three Exhibitions at the RWA

The January visit to the RWA for the 250th anniversary of BOV was  so successful that we have decided to revisit the RWA for its series of spring exhibitions.

"Inquisitive Eyes: Slade Painters in Edwardian Wessex 1900-1914", the primary exhibition, was described in a recent review as  "captivating". It focuses in particular on Augustus John, William Orpen and Vanessa Bell and their time spent painting in Dorset.

This is complemented by two further concurrent exhibitions: "Imagined Landscapes", which explores an alternative understanding of place in contemporary art, and Simon Quadrat's solo exhibition exploring notions of place and memory. 

Details of all three exhibitions can be found here: http://www.rwa.org.uk/exhibitions/

This will be an afternoon visit, preceded (for those who wish) by lunch at Papadeli at the RWA. The cost of entry is £6.95 and as is customary for WI outings, we ask for a voluntary top-up of £2 to go to WI funds.

Please email cliftonwi@gmail.com if you'd like to join us, or speak to the organiser, President Paulene Denyer, at the next meeting.