7 February 2016

Clifton WI Secretary

Lorna Tarr, our lovely secretary, is spreading her wings in the wider WI and as well as her role as secretary of the Durdham Downs Group, to which she's just been re-elected for the next two years, she is joining the Membership Support team at AFWI and also training as a WI Adviser. These are important roles and we are delighted that Lorna has become involved "further up the line" at Federation level - who knows where this may lead? ;-D

Lorna will of course be continuing as a member of Clifton WI but is looking to hand over to a new secretary. She will explain the Secretary's duties, which are important but not complicated, and she'll still be there to hold your hand and guide you while you settle in, so who's up for the opportunity to contribute to the running of Clifton WI?

An evening committee meeting is held early in each month - the day of the week varies and is set by common consent. Meetings are lively and friendly, and aim to finish by 9pm, and there's wine (or tea) ...

If you'd like to know more then please speak to Lorna in person or email thecliftonwi@gmail.com for more details.