6 December 2015

Royal York Crescent Christmas Fayre

Amazing results from an enjoyable day at the Royal York Crescent Christmas Fayre! Cold and windy it might have been, but we spread the Clifton WI warmth wide and spoke to lots of women who took away leaflets. We confidently expect some new visitors over the next two or three months and it's up to every one of us to convert these to members by giving them a friendly and sustained welcome.

Oh yes, and we made £161 too! Thanks to all the lovely members who brought scrumptious baking and preserves, and to those members who came along to help and support Julia and Heather on the stall and to ambush every passing woman (and one or two men ... !?) with a smile and an invitation. And a special commendation to Mike Holmes, whom we made an Honorary Associate Member for the day for his invaluable help as driver and gopher.

The photos above were taken as soon as we'd set up shop before the fayre opened, so they only show the wonderful goodies that were delivered to Julia in advance - many more scrumptious edibles were brought to us a little later, and virtually everything was sold.