12 November 2015

January outing?

Paulene is suggesting we brighten the dull days of January with a private guided tour of The Ken Stradling Collection in Park Row. Suggested dates are Monday 18, Tuesday 19 or Wednesday 20 January. There needs to be a minimum of 6 for the tour to go ahead - maximum is 12.

Go to http://stradlingcollection.org/visit/ to find out more and check your diary!

At the next Clifton WI meeting on 25 November Paulene will take names and available dates for those interested. Perhaps it could be combined with lunch at the Bristol Guild next door, or elsewhere.

January 2016 update
Unfortunately it was not possible to arrange this visit and alternative plans have been made to visit the RWA exhibition on Tues 19th January.  Please contact Paulene Denyer for further details thecliftonwi@gmail.com