29 April 2015

WI Markets

WI Markets have a long and distinguished history. They were started as outlets for surplus produce from members' gardens and smallholdings, and allowed women (and men) to supplement their incomes. The first WI Market took place in Sussex in December 1919! 

By 1992 the annual turnover of country Markets was £10m but NFWI, having become a registered charity in 1990, was a 'not for profit' organisation, so in 1995 Markets separated from NFWI, adopting a new name 'WI Country Markets Ltd'. It moved into separate offices and became self financing. In 2004 the use of the WI initials was discontinued but the organisation Country Markets remains a thriving national institution.
Our own local arm, Avon Country Markets, has its own separate website  www.avoncountrymarket.co.uk and our nearest market takes place at the Methodist Church Hall, Westbury Hill BS9 3AA every Friday from 10.30am