15 September 2022

Our next meeting - September 28th at 7.30 - Update on an important local long term research project

 Children of the 90s - Would you like to hear about this special healthcare research project which started 30+ years ago in Bristol?

The story of Children of the 90s is a fascinating example of what can emerge from the idea to take a long term view when looking at population health.  Now some of the children of the children of the 90s are also involved.

Questions for our Clifton WI members:

  • Have you been involved as a family in this programme?
  • Do you know someone who is?

If you have a female friend or relative who might like to come along they would be very welcome to attend as visitors - £5.00

Professor Kate Northstone from Bristol University is coming to our next meeting.

She will tell us about what is happening with this project in 2022 and about some of the learning which has emerged from research findings in the last 3 decades