Contact and Membership

New blood required!
The Clifton WI committee are looking for current members to contact them if they might be interested in joining them.  Currently their numbers are down to 7.

See this posting from our most recent email newsletter
'Our current Committee is too small and we need new members now! We will also need new people for next year, after our Annual Meeting in October. The Committee meets once a month and between us, we run the branch. It’s fun and so long as there are enough of us, not too onerous. At the moment, it’s a bit too much, so could every member please think very hard about whether they would like to contribute to our WI by joining the Committee.

We are very lucky to have a very active branch, with members already contributing by running the subgroups, contributing to the monthly meetings and helping out in a host of other ways. Even with all that, we still need a small number of people to ‘hold the show together’. If that might be you, please talk to any of the Committee and we will be delighted to tell you all about it and invite you to a committee meeting!'

Please contact us at and one of the committee would be very happy to talk to you.

All women are welcome to visit or join Clifton WI. 

Annual Membership starts in January and the membership fee for 2018 will be £41. Of this, Clifton WI gets to keep about half, Avon Federation and the National Federation receive the remainder. 

Hall hire fees in Clifton are rather different from village halls in the rural areas that are the WI's traditional stronghold, and at current numbers the membership fees don't go much beyond covering our hall hire. This means we still need to raise extra to pay for our fantastic speakers and give a modest amount to our chosen charity each year, hence the refreshment sales and raffles at the monthly meetings and our stall at seasonal produce fayres. 

This year for the first time you are able to pay your membership renewal by BACS transfer in advance of the January meeting.

If you wish to pay by BACS please

1.       Ensure you put your name in the reference line on your transfer. This is critical so that we can correctly attribute all the £41 credits we receive into the account.
2.       Make your BACS transfer no later than end of day on Thursday 25th January. This will allow your payment to reach our account before the meeting on the 31st when you will be issued with your receipt.

3.       Transfer £41 to 
Account No: 76063704
Sort Code: 60-17-24

Membership is also now available part way through the year for new members.  You will pay a pro-rata amount - please ask for details

The NFWI (National Federation WI) allows non-members (including past members) three visits per year to any and every branch of the WI, after which you are invited to commit to membership. Visitors to Clifton WI are asked to pay £4 per visit.

Dual membership is also available, useful if you'd like to become a member of one of our sister WIs in Durdham Down Group or indeed any other WI. Adding another membership costs just £20 a year, details here

email address:



Committee for 2018
Barbara Quin (President)
Eileen Bartlett (Vice President , Programme and Durdham Down Group)
Jan Ward (Secretary and Programme)
Sally Meadows (Treasurer)
Vanessa Pilley (Campaigns)
Sue Easmon (Membership)

The committee meets once a month at volunteer members' houses (though there's absolutely no obligation to host a meeting). Meetings usually run from 7 to 9pm; the dates are flexible and set by common consent each time to accommodate other interests - we're all busy women! Most committee members volunteer to take responsibility for a particular job, eg providing the refreshments and organising the kitchen rota, or organising the raffle and other fundraising efforts, and of course we have the President, Treasurer and Secretary. Many hands make light work, and we are always keen to co-opt interested members (up to the maximum committee size of 10 members) to bring a fresh perspective. As a new committee member you would not be expected to assume responsibility for anything in particular but once you settle in you'll probably be keen to volunteer to use your talents for the benefit of your WI! It's a rewarding task and there's always plenty of back-up from your colleagues and AFWI, so please come forward if you would like to help shape Clifton WI.