19 April 2022

March meeting review and what's in store for April?


One of our own members Gill Bridge treated us to an evening of wellness and relaxation including breathing techniques, face, neck and hand massages which went down very well along with the chance to try some products from Temple Spa.


We turn our attention towards two things in particular at our meeting on Weds April 27th - one is huge and somewhat daunting and one is more light hearted and fun.

Our speaker will be Nikki Jones from Wicked Weather Watch a charity set up by the explorer David Hempleman-Adams which works with school aged children on the topic of climate change.  

As Nikki says “Climate change is the defining issue of our time. Being able to really engage and inspire younger children to take action, however small, is not only vital, it is also so much fun!”

We want to confirm our plans to mark the Platinum Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth II.  We will be holding an Indoor Garden Party at our May 25th meeting.  The Committee have taken some steps to arrange a party but would always welcome some more great ideas from our members.

Any budding gardeners out there....?  

If you are currently sewing seeds, taking cuttings, dividing plants or generally getting busy with matters green: please could you keep some extras on one side for the May 25th meeting.  There will be a plant stall as our fundraising event and all donations will be welcome.  Anyone wanting to purchase plants seedlings etc please being your loose change and a plastic bag or two to grab a bargain!