16 January 2022

Fundraising ideas for our next few meetings

 ** Wherever possible, please bring change and small denomination cash to our meetings to purchase goodies, take part in our fund raising or make a donation for refreshments**


**Each meeting we offer refreshments and home made cake for a very modest donation**

February meeting - we will have our 'regifting' sale so please bring any duplicate or unwanted gifts to be sold and raise funds for a local women's health charity 🎁

March meeting - Bring A Friend 👭👭👭👭👭

Members are welcome to bring friends as visitors to any of our meetings in Alma Hall.  This month we are hoping to introduce a number of visitors to Clifton WI with a promotion and excellent presentation from one of our own members Gill Bridge 💅💆👄

April meeting - raffle for Clifton WI 🎫

May meeting - any gardeners with seedlings, cuttings or spare plants are invited to bring them along