24 February 2019

Renewals, Radio, Resolutions and Re-gifting

We are delighted to announce that our membership renewal is going well. There are a few members who have not yet got round to it, mostly because they could not attend the January meeting, so could those few please check out the emailed newsletter for a reminder of the ways in which renewal can be done.

This month's special guest is Emma Britton, breakfast presenter on BBC Radio Bristol. She is a brilliant speaker; warm, funny and engaging. It should be a great evening.

Christmas is just a memory but we are sure that, once again, several members will have received nice presents that simply don't fit in their homes. We are inviting you to bring them along so we can help them find new places to live, via a fund-raising raffle.

We posted off our votes to Avon just in time for their inclusion in the National numbers. The votes cast were as follows:
1. Improving Plant Biosecurity in the UK - 3
2. Trees - Improving the Natural Landscape - 4
3. Pelvic Floor Education - 8
4. Suffering in Silence; why we need to end the taboo around menstrual health - 8
5. A Call against the Decline in Local Bus Services - 5
6. Don't Fear the Smear - 4

It will be interesting to see if the national result is as evenly spread out. We should know which resolution(s) will go forward shortly and we will set aside time to consider them then.