30 May 2017

Calling all badgers!

Clifton WI President’s Competition
30TH AUGUST  2017

What’s in a name?

The WI is all about friendship and the very first step in the journey of getting to know each other and forging lasting friendships is learning each other’s names. This competition is all about this first step.

We invite you to bring your own homemade name badge to our meeting on 30 August. You can use any materials to make the badge. It can be complex or simple; made over weeks or knocked together the night before the meeting; funny or serious; neat and tidy or rough and ready…
The only rules are that it should include the name you wish people to know you by, in easily readable print, and be between a credit card and a mobile phone in size. 

We hope that you will all have a go. If you have no time, we will bring some bits and pieces and you can make something on the night. If you don’t fancy it, that’s fine too. 

There will be a prize of a bottle of fizz 

for the best badge!

Judging will be done by members, using an established WI technique – the silver vote. Bring silver coins with you and then vote by putting silver coins beside the badge or badges you want to do well. A bottle of fizz will be awarded to the maker of the badge which has earned the most!

A prize for the silliest badge, judged by the committee. This will be judged during the evening and the prize will be a free drink at the bar.

All participants will get a free piece of cake!!!!

What’s not to enjoy??????

So get crafting!!!!!