7 February 2016

Denman Bursary

Denman College is the WI's own education centre, running short residential courses on every subject under the sun. If you're a new member, you really need to know about Denman, so click on the tab above and start exploring.

Clifton WI has not one but TWO Denman bursaries on offer, one for £150 and the other for £100, which will be awarded by draw at the end of our February meeting. To enter, you need to complete a short form and submit it with a fee of £2. All recent and current members, and recent visitors, will receive the usual email a week or so before the February meeting with the form attached, together with the full conditions for entry. You'll need to tell us which course you might choose if you're a lucky winner, so why not start browsing the courses now and whet your appetite!

You may enter as many times as you like - AS LONG AS YOU'RE A FULLY PAID UP MEMBER OF CLIFTON WI! If you can't make the February meeting you'll need to get a friend to bring your completed entry form and fee, and don't forget, if you haven't yet renewed your membership you'll also need to do this at the beginning of the February meeting, by proxy if need be, before your bursary application can be entered into the draw.

So - make a sustaining brew right now, and head on over to www.denmancollege.org.uk