Finance & Fundraising

Approximately half of the annual membership fee is retained by Clifton WI and the remainder goes towards running the NFWI (National Federation of Women's Institutes) and the AFWI (the Avon Federation, our umbrella local organisation). Like most WI Branches, we supplement this income to pay for speakers etc. through raffles and sales tables at the monthly meetings, refreshment sales and occasional external fundraising events.

From time to time we raise money for other local charities. In recent years we have supported The Marmalade Trust, Home-Start Bristol, the local Blood Bikes and the Bristol MS Centre. Charities must be local or local branches of national charities, supporting local people ideally with an emphasis on women and families.

So by buying vouchers for refreshments at our monthly meetings, supporting the raffle or sales table at meetings, making something to sell at an external fundraising event or joining us on a planned excursion you will be contributing to the running of Clifton WI, enabling us to run our varied programme of events and helping us to support local charities.

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